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Crosato and Gambartotto Associates – Design Studio is the natural evolution and the convergence of their respective professional experiences between the Architect and Surveyor Iunior Vittorino Crosato Pamela Gambarotto.
The professional experience began in 1985 with the activity of Vittorino Crosato to which was added in early 2001 in collaboration with Pamela Gambarotto.
In 2013 the transformation into a professional association in order to improve the services offered to its customers.
The study deals with the building design and services sector related to her.
Years of experience of the members in continuing professional development is aimed at the management of the world of construction ranging from design, to the real estate appraisal, the design and economic feasibility studies on residential and commercial construction projects, the real estate consultancy and safety on construction sites .
For some years the study is researching and specializing in the world of energy conservation in buildings, directing the activities towards the design of low energy buildings following the Agency’s principles Casaclima/Klimahaus (http://www.agenziacasaclima.it) of Bolzano which from June 2011, the Architect Iunior Vittorino is Crosato Energy Consultant.
The study is equipped and is able to realize three-dimensional design through the Revit software.
We have a network of professionals specialized in engineering and plant engineering in order to provide a complete and all-out on the design and construction of buildings.

Arch. Iunior Vittorino Crosato
Progettista, Consulente energetico

Graduated in 1983, he began his professional career as a surveyor in 1985. The awareness of the need to continue training, leads him to achieve a Bachelor Degree in “Production of Building ‘Iuav University of Venice; followed the courses referred Casaclima Agency is “energy consultant” from 2011; It is enabled in accordance with Law 81/2008 (ex L.494 / 96) for the design and coordination at run on safety on temporary and mobile construction sites.
In the private sphere is currently President of the “Council of the Institute” Institute including Romolo Onor of San Dona di Piave.

Geometra Pamela Gambarotto
Progettazione CAD

She graduated in 2001, began his professional career in 2002.
Over the years it has specialized in the use of three-dimensional graphics systems and software related to the design to the recognition of the work.