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Casaclima / Klimahaus

Casaclima/Klimahaus, buildings with low energy requirements

When you hear about “low-energy buildings”, you may think at the topic linked to the certificate of energetic service. In truth, for experts in this job, we know that most of certificates aren’t often done seriously and they don’t identify what is a real efficient building.
Founded in 2006, the CasaClima Agency is a company owned by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano in charge of energy and environmental certification of buildings. This company is obviously important for us because made we think in a different way about our job and the construction progress
It is also a public entity not involved in the construction process which has to date issued certificates for more than 7000 “CasaClima buildings” distributed throughout the national territory.
The CasaClima agency acts in various fields of action:

  • Energy efficiency in buildings
  • Renewable energies
  • Climate protection
  • Protection of resources
  • Sustainable Energy Development

The architect Vittorino Crosato as a result of a search about the low-energy construction progress, since 2006 had his first contacts with Casaclima Agency, and after numerous training courses he became officially Energetic Consulent in 2011.
Although we are in traditionalist territories about construction progress, it’s known, doubtless, that, in the last ten years, awareness about energy consumption had increased and became more and more important; particularly from the production of materials to the subsequent management for operational maintenance of building structure. This innovative push came from the “north” gave an important input to the modification of some construction progresses.
Of course, the national regulation, increasingly urgent about energy saving, has forced to change some old habits, but if we think about it, only few years ago think that there would be intervention by thermal insulation coating of 12-14 cm and in addition or by heating with heat pumps(and not with gas), would not be accepted.
The ideal would be to get the “Casaclima” certification for all new building and for renovations. Probably in our territory there is the need to wait few years for understanding it all that a house that consumes less is usefull to have a higher lifestyle, live better and be helpful for all the people
The buildings dissipate approximately half the energy overall. The standard proposed by CasaClima seeks to dictate the basic principles for use of healthy materials and environmentally friendly technologies, a reduced use of energy to reduce consistently the emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases produced by the heating and the production systems hot water.

Arch. I. Vittorino Crosato – Energy Consultant – www.agenziacasaclima.it / Crosato and Gambarotto Associates
more information : www.agenziacasaclima.it

consulente casaclima

Arch.I. Vittorino Crosato – Consulente energetico