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Residential building of the ’50s

Initial state

Final result

Energy upgrading and renovation of residential building of the ’50s

Date2014 / 2015
LocationSan Donà di Piave

Upgrading energy efficiency and renovation of residential building from the 50’s made up of a service plan and a housing plan.
Our intervention and the solutions adopted:

  1. New modern style with a flat roof;
  2. Emptying and remodeling of the interior heights through “the building draining” and subsequent repositioning of the floors;
  3. Restoration of the masonry;
  4. Insulation wrap coat, installation of under-floor heating and cooling system by using a unique heat pump;
  5. Installation of photovoltaic and solar panels;
  6. Achieved energy class: “A3”;
  7. Utilizzo più razionale e moderno degli spazi.